Multi-Robot Graph SLAM at ICARA 2024

The paper titled “Multi-Robot Graph SLAM using LIDAR” was presented at the International Conference on Automation, Robotics, and Applications (ICARA 2024) in Athens, Greece. This algorithm adopts a decentralized approach, where each robot independently executes its instance of the SLAM process. Through the exchange of SLAM information, each robot constructs a detailed map of its surrounding environment from its own perspective.

The algorithm is deployed in VaMEx3. Check out the source code for this project on GitHub. Feel free to explore and contribute to this collaborative effort in advancing robotics technology.

Above you can see multi-robot graph SLAM simulation results. Nodes, edges, and SLAM point cloud of robot 1 visualized in rviz on the left. The simulation environment and two robots exploring the map are displayed on the right. Only results of robot 1 are visualized, while all information from robot 2 is integrated via the cooperative SLAM.

Looking ahead, the SLAM system is planned to be enhanced to incorporate additional sensor modalities, such as RADAR, radio navigation, and inertial measurement units, to further improve mapping accuracy and robustness.